Does Air Take Up Space?

So there is sunlight in the upper atmosphere after the Sun sets, and the twilight is due to the scattering of light by this upper atmosphere. Astronomers consider this time as the most beneficial to study astronomical objects as the scattering of light by the upper atmosphere is at a bare minimum. The presence of light when the Sun is positioned at an angle, which is between 6° and 12° below the horizon, is called nautical twilight. At the time of sunrise or sunset, when the position of the Sun is at an angle between 12° and 18° below the horizon, astronomical twilight occurs. Civil twilight occurs when solar zenith angle is 96° or solar elevation angle is -6°. Alternatively, astronomical twilight is the phenomenon which is experienced when solar zenith angle is at 108° or solar elevation angle is at -18°. It is signified by a solar zenith angle of 102° or a solar elevation angle of -12°.

This is the angle which forms between the sea level horizon and the center of the Earth and the center of the solar disc. As soon as solar depression angle is more than 6° nautical twilight starts. It lasts till the solar depression angel reaches 12°, now astronomical twilight starts. Whereas in the polar fall and spring the duration of twilight literally lasts for two weeks. The duration of twilight depends mainly on the latitude of the observer and on the season. Vedic astrology depends upon the time and how that time affects the human entities. That is the time in the morning or evening in which the center of the solar disc is 6° below the horizon. Also, it is very difficult to identify the horizon as it is blurred. Civil twilight is appropriate to watch the brightest stars, provided the sky is clear and a well defined horizon is one of its characteristics.

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