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Encouragement From The Psalms

Sky News also reached an additional 3.8 million Australians in 2019 via commercial regional free-to-air channel Sky News on WIN. Now TV was designed to get great Sky TV into homes which may not be able to afford a full Sky subscription, can’t install a satellite dish or don’t want to tie themselves down to long contracts. Over here Tarka is not some dry and superficial argument but it is a divine intellect full of profound wisdom. Since in this dark period unruliness and anarchy took over philosophy, righteousness and spirituality were totally ignored by one and all. Over here there are 2 options. We being a human race will never know everything there is to know . It is also the need of the hour to combat the rat race like material pursuits (one could say it is a by product of Modern Science) devoid of spiritual and human values.

The answer is one without a second and that is faith towards Spiritual Sciences be imbibed deeply in ones psyche. It is a gigantic task to test Spiritual Sciences principle on the basis of sound scientific logic and proof. And this is possible only by imbibing the sacred precepts of Spiritual Sciences. Today because intellectualism and logic/proof is the in thing, scriptural precepts will not be gulped down solely on the basis of faith. The basis of past progress, analysis of downfall and goal setting for the future is an intellect which yearns for facts and reality. The basis of high leveled thought flow during the Rishi Era was Spiritual Philosophy that was in vogue. According to Brahman scriptures this is what Prajapati says while elucidating Divine Wisdom or Self Realization: When during cosmic annihilation (Pralaya) everything in this world is destroyed at that time too one Rishi remains alive to reveal the truth.

As long as the Rishi Yuga existed, this tradition continued thus creating heavenly situations for world beings. The different norms laid down by great seers during various points in world history were not because there was hatred, differences etc amongst these seers. There is a degree of parity between human worship and heavingly worship as this psalm as a whole shows. Those very spiritual tenets faithfully and wholeheartedly imbibed by seers of yore must be presented today in a manner that is acceptable to the highly intellectual human beings of modern times. The gist of the teachings of great thinkers and sages of ancient times is unanimous wherein human beings love each other selflessly, imbibe the wealth of sacred thinking, grow the flowers of wholesome actions and develop a great character. During varying times and circumstances great Rishis of yore gave us philosophical tenets to suit those times and requirements. Great Rishis elucidated various behavioral depending on each circumstance and its requirement.

There was a time many centuries back when Rishis speech and the sacred gospel of our scriptures were thought to be beyond doubt. Mainly, there are two major trade shows you should have a look at before making your final decision. I have used several of your activities while teaching and my students love them. Prior to December, beautiful and calming piano music plays while a gentle snow falls. It is effectively assigning the concept of a Creator as myth, while promoting atheistic naturalism as ‘Settled Science! The highly intellectual class of this Computer Age can only be convinced by giving philosophical answers to philosophy, scientific answers to science and logical answers to logic. Ancient and very useful spiritual principles need to be put forth to world humanity in such a way wherein there remains no room for doubt as far as its utility and veracity is concerned especially in todays Jet Age.