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Top Universities Providing Master Of Computer Science In UK

Hence it is very important that one studies these golden precepts and deeply imbibe the same in ones daily life. Of course we human beings overlook this fact by praising one anothers musical, literary, business etc capabilities so as to label ourselves as the greatest species amongst all creatures. We human beings must hence realize that our greatness lies not in our gross capabilities but in those that are subtle and invisible. Subtle capabilities are those that lie way beyond our gross intellect and mind. Know for sure that mans true powers lie not in this physical body made of flesh, blood and bones but that they abound in the deep recesses of his soul. When you locate Polaris you will know how to go north. In this manner world humanity will prosper both materially and spiritually. Today the layman accepts material scientific progress wholeheartedly because it is presented in a very logical and scientific manner by the scientific world. This vault of soul power is so gigantic that all the material powers of this gross world put together will not even be of the measure of the drop of an ocean. Clouds however dark can cover sunlight for a short length of time but sooner or later it will start shining with full brilliance.

The same holds true for spiritual tenets because even if its grandeur is covered for a short time, they can never get erased forever. Spiritual laws are as real as scientific laws. As against this animals are ahead of man in certain ways. This is the secret that answers why one man lives a demeaned life and why another lives a spiritually and materially advanced life. Despite this many are poor, sorrowful and in a demeaned state. The golden eternal law of life is: ONES MENTAL STATE SHAPES ONES EXTERNAL, WORLDLY CIRCUMSTANCES AND NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND. If one reflects deeply it becomes clear that the differences have virtually nothing to do with the material means available or conducive circumstances. There maybe differences as far as material means are concerned but not in the realm of circumstances faced by them. Man differs from other beasts only as far as possessing an intellect that gives him more physical comforts. Science has given mankind material wealth and comforts.

That science which influences material nature (Prakriti) is called Agnihotra. Subtle in other words is called spirituality. Hence today spirituality has no place in the life of modern mankind because of wrong illusory superstitions associated with it. Modern scientists are more and more wonderstruck with the increasing unearthing of material powers. Increasing specialization of science will make it more important than ever that scientists in this country keep continually ahead of developments abroad. While students are making their terrariums, the teacher will circulate to ensure proper procedures are followed and any special needs are being addressed. Jews are being worked to death, cattle cars are filled with people and young children who are being sent to concentration camps, bombs are going off and innocent people are being shot in the streets. A few lead lives of contentment but rare are those who not only reach the pinnacles of progress but help others to attain the same with the help of their inner radiance. Spiritual Sciences help man to understand and unearth these spiritual powers which only has the power to bestow true greatness on mankind.

Other planets are gloomy in comparison because spiritual powers have not been awakened by them. They are both added for their fat, which our human bodies identify as delicious, in spite of its lack of flavor contribution. Thus what more remains to be added to the description of mans life and achievements? Whatever we discover or unearth amazes us no end but the fact remains that much more lies undiscovered and untapped. Did you know that traditional light bulbs give off too much heat while producing very little amount of light? We are all aware of the dangerous repercussions of misuse of electrical machines, scientific technology etc. Yet know for sure that misuse of energy can bring in much more disaster for not just one region but the entire world. The answer is I do not know. It is at this juncture that the enlightened thinking classes of the world are requested to ignore these blind concepts and instead research into those eternal spiritual precepts which are true and greatly beneficial for world humanity.