The Wait Is Over

Some now extinct wolves attached themselves to humans 15,000 years ago or longer because we had good leftovers, or so the dominant theory goes, although what actually happened is lost to time. What has happened here? Here are a couple of ideas to try when learning how to take pictures of constellations. Maybe you’ll get lucky an see a meteor shower (if you plan it right) and eclipse of the moon (planning again – see lunar eclipse article) or just a “falling star” here and there for the excitement. To the right of the “V,” you’ll see what looks like a small clump of stars. But with gaining popularity and importance, you can now be a certified bigdata scientist or bigdata analyst right from the comfort of your own home. We’ve placed ourselves in a position such that the Moon can now move between the Earth and Sun and it’s illumination from our perspective on Earth will vary with time as it moves about the Earth. This happens because Venus and Earth engage in an 8:13 resonance, in which eight revolutions of the Earth around the sun take almost exactly the same amount of time as 13 revolutions of Venus around our star.

We’ve gone from being outside the plane, or ecliptic of the Sun to moving back into it by landing on Earth. If we again take our rocket and zoom up above the ecliptic we would see the same thing for these planets that we see in first figure above for our moon, half of the surface illuminated by the Sun. So, first try to understand what exactly data science is? Maybe your child will wind up on the first manned mission to Mars! But what do you do to insure that your home schooled child will learn things correctly, especially if you don’t have a lot of astronomical knowledge, yourself? Don’t forget to lower your ISO and/or increase your f number to compensate for these long exposures. What about a little hands-on experience or star maps that don’t require the computer to be effective? The red light used in an astronomy flashlight provides a dull yet sufficient lighting to read star maps and materials without taking away from your sky viewing experience. If you need to reference star charts, notes or other materials while viewing the night sky, using a regular flashlight will cause the pupil to contract restricting the amount of light that enters the eye.

When viewing the night sky, the human eye gradually dilates over a period of up to ninety minutes. If you want to do a lot of deep space exploration by finding and viewing galaxies, nebulae, and other deep space objects you should go with a reflector telescope. This outing is for night owls who want to enjoy the silence and solitude nature offers at night. Sometimes you may want to capture the stars trail a little bit to bring out the constellation a bit more. Try getting in close on a constellation or group of stars with a zoom lens. All of this because you have placed yourself in the within the system where the moons are close to you, and can come between you and the Sun. Depending on the age and interest level of the child, you can add more assignments on the computer and let NASA be your substitute teacher for more in-depth studies.

Astronomy flashlights can vary greatly in terms of cost depending on the size, type and quality of the flashlight being purchased. Can you point out the planets, stars or constellations? This whole time we’ve been shooting (pun intended) for pin point stars. Just remember, the longer the lens, the less time you can expose without having the stars trailing. Have the student prepare for the telescope by learning where the North Star is and what other star formations can be seen at that time of year. Stefanies sales are consistent year round, not because her phone is ringing off the hook. If you are lucky enough to be in a very dark area, blowing out the sky shouldn’t be a problem and you will only be limited by star trails. Production will be limited to just 10-12,000 vehicles annually and purchasing a SKY will likely mean buyers paying well over sticker price for their car.