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Despite the differences between statutes from state to state, the blue sky laws share certain features in their approach to prevent sales agents from promising unrealistic returns and misinforming investors about the investment risks. First, the laws require the registration of securities that will be offered or sold within the state, unless the offerings fall within specified exemptions from registration. The registration process for securities and securities transactions prevents fraudulent transactions by allowing state security commissions to review the securities offerings and ensure that the individuals transacted in the securities markets are qualified and regulated by the state. We are seated at the right hand of Jesus. The right of action available and remedies available to investors bringing private suits also differs from state to state, but may include rescission of the transactions, forcing the seller to give up profits, or other measures of damages. In New York, the securities statute is the Martin Act, which notably does not provide for a private right of action. Individual investors must instead bring an action under for common-law fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. Similarly to the federal laws, the blue sky laws generally operate on a disclosure-driven basis, and mandate that companies accurately disclose information that will help investors make informed decisions.

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